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The Voyado for Litium integration enables you to turn your customer and transaction data into detailed and actionable content, and create personalized real-time marketing automation campaigns using the power of Voyado Engage.



There are currently three Litium connectors available:

  • Voyado Connector v7 requires Litium 7.x, where x is the latest service release

  • Voyado Connector v6 requires Litium 6.x, where x is the latest service release

  • Voyado Connector v5 requires Litium 5.x, where x is the latest service release


  • Sync of contacts and contact types between Engage and Litium

  • Orders API integration to enable transactional communication

  • Receipt API integration to store purchases

  • Litium-bespoke product feeds for email module enrichment and extended product data understanding

Getting started

To get started you will need a tenant specific API key and API server URLs from Engage, which will be used to configure the Litium Voyado add-on.

In the Engage tenant settings the following is required:

  • List of website names, this will be used as stores in Engage

  • List of order states, at least Confirmed and Completed

  • List of payment states. at least Reserved and Paid

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