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Voyado Engage



This Voyado Engage extension has been developed to work with a default Magento 2 installation. If your Magento 2 implementation has had custom development, Voyado can't guarantee that the extension will work as intended, nor will Voyado be able to support you technically if any issues arise because of this.


This integration is one-way, meaning that customer and order data are sent only from Magento 2 to Engage and not in the other direction. If you want to support that, you will need to patch and add custom development to this extension.

This Magento extension gives you the foundation for using Voyado Engage as your customer experience platform, enabling you to deliver a more personalized experience to your customers.

You can always adapt and adjust the extension to support your customer journey even more than is shown here with the help of your development team/agency.

3.4.1, 2023-02-13
- Noticket: enforce correct type of $storeId

3.4.0, 2023-02-07
- Ticket #146493: check order hash to prevent sending duplicates to Voyado.
- Ticket #149402: to avoid using cached data, load the customer always from the database.
- Ticket #147317: upgrade to minimum voyado/sdk 2.2.0 which makes handlers plugable in Magento.

3.3.0, 2022-12-19
- Ticket #146957: load product for specific store to have the correct URLs generated.
- Ticket #146950: export complete address in order contact attributes.
- Ticket #147243: don't let an empty default tracking url break the code.
- Ticket #146987: set store ID in promotion / voucher message to redeem in correct Voyado account.
- Ticket #138806: default to an empty string instead of 'f' when gender in Magento is empty.
- Ticket #147245: for the credit receipt, take the created date from the credit memo.
- Ticket #146720: only send accepts email, others are handled by Voyado internally.
- Ticket #146864: reset cached subscriber if another one must be loaded.

3.2.1, 2022-11-15
- Ticket #145753: add shipping costs incl. tax to the order header.

3.2.0, 2022-11-09
- Ticket #145753: add refunded shipping tax to the total_tax and improve logic to detemine refunded quantity.

3.1.0, 2022-11-02
- Ticket #144186: use a delay before sending create customer calls to Voyado.
- Ticket #143416: load customer from quote if it isn't in the session (for use with GraphQL).
- Ticket #145317: take the freigth fee from the credit memo as refunding it is optional and add refunded freight fee in credit memo receipt.
- Ticket #143417: add URL to Magento Shipping Track page with configurable tracking information in the order body.
- Ticket #145692: always load orders and creditmemos from database to prevent using cached data (as happens with get() ).

3.0.1, 2022-09-20
- Ticket #143105: show contact attributes in log entry as normal array.

3.0.0, 2022-08-25
- Ticket #132642: only send cart rule to Voyado if it has been changed.
- Ticket #140836: support per store view API endpoint. Each queue message holds the store ID to be used.
- Ticket #140654: fix deletion of customers in Voyado and always set contact type for customers to a member.
- Ticket #130611: support multiple voucher codes using module amasty/coupons.

2.3.0, 2022-07-26
- Ticket #138807: Send the export receipt at all times regardless of whether the order can be exported.

2.2.0, 2022-07-12
- Ticket #138099: load customer with email and for it's own store to check subscription.
- Ticket #140192: cast order store ID to int to avoid strict errors.
- Ticket #138658: support Magento 2.4.4 and PHP 8.1

2.1.0, 2022-06-03
- Ticket #137498: add configuration to redeem after invoicing or after placing the order.
- Ticket #137573: support extra_data for customers which is extendable with an after plugin.

2.0.1, 2022-03-09
- No ticket. Cast customer ID to required type int.

2.0.0, 2022-03-03
- Ticket #125852: support Voyado promotions.
- Ticket #126019: support Voyado vouchers.
- Ticket #127419: export company and shipping customer name to Voyado.
- Ticket #128392: keep current contactType when subscribing a customer to a newsletter.
- Ticket #129665: support Magento commerce feature 'Giftwrap'.
- Ticket #130181: set optional consents in the contact attributes.
- Ticket #132775: Avoid duplicate api calls to Voyado.

1.0.2, 2021-09-15
- Ticket #125197: product ID could be a string, remove strict type.

1.0.1, 2021-08-27
- Ticket #11857: fix typo in module registration.

1.0.0, 2021-08-25
- Ticket #118857: initial version.
Voyado Engage

You need an active Voyado Engage license. You also need an API key to access the API from Magento.


You need an active license on Magento 2.4.4 or higher.


You need to install RabbitMQ both for logging the requests made to Engage as well as the errors received.

Extension & SDK

You will need an agreement with Voyado giving the right to use the Magento Extension and SDK. You will also at this time receive access to download the extension and SDK.