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Voyado Engage


Shopify is a user-friendly e-commerce platform helping small and mid-sized businesses to quickly build a modern online store. The company's software allows merchants to design, manage and sell their products across multiple sales channels.

Voyado Engage is a multichannel marketing automation platform. Engage enables merchants to act on their customer data, granting the insights and campaign tools they need to create extraordinary experiences across all sales and marketing channels.

And when Shopify and Engage come together, that's when the magic happens.


This integration between Shopify and Voyado Engage exists as an app in the Shopify app store. In the following pages you can read about how to set it up and use it.

More in-depth information about Voyado Engage can be found in the Engage developer documentation as well as in the Engage Help Centre.

About the app

The Voyado Engage Shopify app uses the Engage API. Version 1 of the app includes the following functionality:

  • Sync of contacts between Engage and Shopify

  • Transactional communication

  • Receipts (purchase and return)

  • App theme block showing vouchers and promotions

  • Soft login

Here are some further details about the integration enabled by the app:

Syncing of customer data

The syncing of customer data goes one way, from Shopify to Engage, meaning that at checkout and on account creation Shopify will not fetch customer data from Engage, but use the data that’s already in Shopify’s customer card and then store that information in Voyado Engage. However, Shopify is able to fetch loyalty data -- point balance, member level, promotions and vouchers -- for a customer and display it on-site.

Syncing of preference data

Engage will be holder of preference data such as accepts email and accepts sms.

At checkout, Shopify will never fetch any preference data from Engage. Shopify will send an updated preference to Engage only if it has been set to “true”. A customer can never choose to set a particular preference of theirs to "false" during the checkout.

Contact identification

Engage holds a unique GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) for each contact. This works as an integration key when a customer's data is to be created/updated/deleted.

What's coming in version 2?

This documentation covers version 1 of the Shopify Voyado Engage app. Some functions coming in the next version are:

  • Upgrade to rewards and promotions

  • Abandoned cart actions

  • Products of interest

  • Redeeming of promotions

  • Redeeming of vouchers