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Voyado Engage

Setup and config

These are the steps you'll follow to set up your integration.


The following are required to integrate Voyado Engage and LS Central:

  • Access to LS Central (via username and password)

  • Access to the Engage frontend (via username and password)

  • Access to the Voyado Engage API (via your personal API key)

Voyado Engage API:

Here you can investigate and test the API:
Voyado Engage Portal:

This is the frontend used by Voyado Engage customers:
Voyado POS Module

In LS Central, go to Retail Modules. On the list you'll find the VOYADO POS MODULE (codeunit 10033466).

Install it as you would any other module.



You'll need to have Member Management correctly set up in LS Central.


After the VOYADO POS MODULE has been installed you will need to refresh Web Request V2. Do this by publishing and subscribing again from Web Request V2 page.

Your VOYADO POS MODULE is now installed. It comes with some new commands to use on the POS.

Voyado Integration Setup

Open LS Central and select Voyado Interaction Setup.


The following panel will open. All the settings for your Voyado integration are collected here.


Selecting Actions in the top left will bring up a few useful options.

Insert Default Values

This populates the fields with the default values to get you started.

Voyado WS Status

This is a quick way to confirm that communication between LS Central and Voyado Engage has been set up correctly and is working. It requires that you have filled in the following data under General:

  • API Key

  • Base URL

  • Voyado WS Status method (contacts/count)

If all these have been correctly entered, a request will be made to the Voyado Engage API asking for the total number of contacts. If a valid response arrives, a popup will let you know that communication is working.

Open Voyado Web Json Log

This opens the log showing you all the communication between LS Central and Voyado Engage. Here you can examine requests made, methods executed, payloads sent, request status etc.

Insert default Voyado POS Panels

This creates the POS panels you'll need to use the integration.

Integration done

Your basic integration is done. You'll be visiting the Voyado Integration Setup page in LS Central a lot so spend some time getting to know it.