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Voyado Engage

Sitoo (POS)

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Export Customers as Members

A Member is a Contact who participates in the loyalty program, for instance gathering points and gaining member levels. Members has the largest amount of data gathered in Voyado. When using bonus, Voyado can calculate points and releases Bonus Checks to Members daily.

Export invoices

The Sitoo integration is exporting invoices in order to tell Voyado which purchases have been completed and by whom, resulting in Members accumulating points and gaining member levels based on how many products and the amount he/she has spent.

Promotions and Campaigns

Promotions assigned in Voyado can be viewed and redeemed directly in Sitoo via the integration. Redeems are done directly and are connected to the purchase said promotion was used on. Both basket and product campaigns are supported.



Base URL (string): url to your Voyado project – for staging environment – for production environment

API Key (string): API key provided by Voyado. Separate keys for staging and production.