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Voyado Engage

Check if contact exists

If all you need to do is check if a certain contact exists, there is an endpoint for this purpose:


To this endpoint you can send, along with contactType, one (or several) of the following parameters:


GET /api/v2/contacts/id?


GET /api/v2/contacts/id?mobilePhone=%2B46735654321


Although it's called socialSecurityNumber (sometimes SSN) in Engage, this is really the Swedish personal identity number (or the Finnish personal identity code). Keep this in mind.

GET /api/v2/contacts/id?socialSecurityNumber=196903027573


As the customKey value you can send either a contact's memberNumber or externalId, depending on how your tenant is set up. Your Voyado Engage team can help you here.

GET /api/v2/contacts/id?customKey=999888777


The "any" parameter will, as the name suggests, accept any of the above values. They are scanned in the following order: email, socialSecurityNumber, mobilePhone and then customKey.

For example:

GET /api/v2/contacts/id?

GET /api/v2/contacts/id?any=999888777


The contactType can also be sent in the query string along with the above parameters but it is not required.


If the request has been successful, you'll get a HTTP 200 OK response and the contact's unique id as a 32-bit GUID.

If the request has not been successful, you'll get one of the following HTTP error codes:

  • 400: InvalidEmailAddress, InvalidPhoneNumber, InvalidSocialSecurityNumber, InvalidContactType, InvalidSearchQuery

  • 404: ContactNotFound

  • 409: MultipleMatches

  • 500: InvalidSystemConfiguration


Response codes could change, so always check your Swagger page to see the latest ones.