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Voyado Engage

Update a contact

Updating the details of a Voyado Engage contact is done through the contacts endpoint using their contactId:


If you don’t have the contact ID, you can get it using other contact attributes.

When you have the contactId you call the endpoint like this:


And then send, as the payload, the attributes that you want to change:

    "lastName": "Smith",
    "street": "New Street 1337"

In this example, the contact has changed their surname and moved to a new address. These will now be updated.


Do not send null or empty values when updating a contact as they will override existing values.

Promoting a contact to Member

Two endpoints used to change contactType from Contact to Member have been deprecated and should not be used for new integrations. These deprecated endpoints are:



The preferred way to change contactType for a contact is now through the update functionality shown above, by using the following payload:

    "contactType": "Member",


Promote a contact to Member only by doing a contacts update as shown above.