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Engage contains a standardized integration to its product discovery suite, Elevate (formerly known as eSales). When connecting the two systems, please read and follow these instructions.

There are two considerations in a successful integration:

  • Identifying a customer across both systems (via the Engage contactId and the Elevate customerKey)

  • Linking an article's SKU in Engage with the variantKey in the Elevate product feed

Identification of customers

Engage and Elevate both identify the contact/customer by a unique alphanumeric identifier, a GUID/UUID(4), that looks something like this: 5c9b35d6-28d8-4520-8900-a89600f7f0c5. 

There are three important IDs to consider when linking a contact across the two products:

  • In Engage you'll be dealing with the contactId

  • In Elevate you'll be dealing with the customerKey

  • A contact is linked across both using the discoveryKey

To link a contact across both platforms:

  1. The contactId in Engage and customerKey in Elevate must be connected

  2. This linking requires that the discoveryKey contact attribute is included in the Engage soft identificationdata

  3. The discoveryKey value in Engage is used as the customerKey in Elevate

Inclusion of the discoveryKey is enabled in the Module settings in the Engage Tenant configuration by selecting "Include Discovery key in autologin data" ("autologin" here means soft identification). This is something your Voyado Engage product specialist or technical expert team will have to fix for you.


A previously used workaround for integrating Elevate with Engage was the use of a custom contact attribute for Engage contacts (usually referred to as the “apptusId”) to store the Elevate customerKey. This method should be seen as deprecated.