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Sign-up flow

The customer sign-up journey starts with an identification in-store using a QR-code displayed on the Vipps app on the customer's phone.


Once the QR-code is scanned by the POS, the customer's mobile number is fetched and displayed. The customer will then be created as a contact in Engage through the integration between the POS and Engage.


Vipps will never create the customer in Engage; that is done by the POS.

Once the customer is created in Engage, a Custom Activity will trigger the onboarding flow that's been set up in Engage's automation tool:


Engage then triggers an app push to Vipps to ask the customer to share data with the merchant:


If the customer proceeds, they choose which consents (if any) they want to give.


This customer has accepted to be contacted by email:


When the customer selects "Continue" the consents and their data are synced to Engage:


Here is a video showing the connection between Vipps and Engage: