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Voyado Engage

Register a return

In Voyado, a return is “just another transaction”, but with a different transactional status. There is no actual connection between a purchase and a possible return, it’s considered a new transaction and handled accordingly.

The quantity field needs to be negative, reflecting the amount of returned items. Note that the price should still be sent as a positive “integer”. Also, the line item type needs to have the value “RETURN”.

This example shows a receipt stored together with a contact of the contact type “member” with line item type “RETURN”.

Endpoint: /api/v2/receipts

  "contact": {
    "matchKey": "28972987289",
    "matchKeyType": "memberNumber",
    "contactType": "member"
  "uniqueReceiptId": "20180909468464496",
  "receiptNumber": "468464496",
  "createdDate": "2018-09-09T12:05:23Z",
  "storeExternalId": "Store1337",
  "currency": "NOK",
  "exchangeRateToGroupCurrency": 1.0,
  "totalGrossPrice": -400.00,
  "paymentMethods": [{
    "type": "card",
    "description": "Debit Card",
    "value": -400.00
  "items": [{
    "type": "RETURN",
    "quantity": -2,
    "grossPaidPrice": 200.00,
    "taxAmount": 40.00,
    "taxPercent": 25.00,
    "sku": "10015563434",
    "articleNumber": "2324234",
    "articleName": "Ipsum Wool Jacket",
    "articleGroup": "Jackets",
    "marginPercent": "25.00",
    "awardsBonus": false