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When an identified customer finalizes a purchase, it should be sent to Voyado and made available for segmentation and reporting. Most often a finalized purchase means that the payment has been successfully processed.

This is normally done via the Receipts API endpoint and cannot be reversed or updated, hence the importance of only sending finalized purchases.


To be able to store a receipt in Voyado, you need to connect it to a specific contact.

In this example the contact type is “member” and the key type is “memberNumber” (normally a unique sequence created by Voyado). The key has to be a unique data field for the specific contact type, normally one of these fields:

  • contactId

  • email

  • mobilePhone

  • memberNumber

  • externalId

  • socialSecurityNumber (only Sweden or Finland)

However, it doesn’t have to be the key value for the specific contact type.

Post example

Endpoint: /api/v2/receipts

    "contact": {
        "matchKey": "28972987289",
        "matchKeyType": "memberNumber",
        "contactType": "member"
    "uniqueReceiptId": "20180906468464468",
    "receiptNumber": "468464468",
    "createdDate": "2018-09-06T15:55:54+01:00",
    "storeExternalId": "Store1337",
    "currency": "NOK",
    "exchangeRateToGroupCurrency": 1.0,
    "totalGrossPrice": 200.00,
    "paymentMethods": [{
        "type": "bonuscheck",
        "description": "25 NOK bonus check",
        "value": 25.00,
        "extraData": [{
            "name": "checkNumber",
            "value": "123456789"
    }, {
        "type": "card",
        "description": "Debit Card",
        "value": 175.00
    "items": [{
        "type": "PURCHASE",
        "quantity": 2,
        "grossPaidPrice": 200.00,
        "taxAmount": 40.00,
        "taxPercent": 25.00,
        "sku": "10015563434",
        "articleNumber": "2324234",
        "articleName": "Ipsum Wool Jacket",
        "articleGroup": "Jackets",
        "extraData": [{
            "name": "campaign",
            "value": "Socks 3 for 2"
        }, {
            "name": "size",
            "value": "M"
        "marginPercent": "25.00",
        "awardsBonus": false,
        "discounts": [{
            "type": "325",
            "description": "50% autumn discount",
            "value": -200.00
    "usedBonusChecks": [{
        "checkNumber": "2342"
    "usedPromotions": [{
        "promotionId": "6374dfaa-31c5-4e34-bb88-7ccfc5fe8bf7"

After the POST operation returns a 202 (Accepted), a receipt is created.

Receipts can also be imported file based in XML format. Read more about in this article, Receipt XML import.

Find the complete list of Field definitions here.