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Voyado Engage

Adjust rewards points

Having the Rewards module enabled in Engage allows you to award customers with reward points based on achievements. While this can be done through an automation or a manual action in the Engage UI, there is also an endpoint specifically for this, making the process straightforward.

POST /api/v2/contacts/{contactId}/rewardpointtransaction

Here is an example payload:

  "points": 123.45,
  "description": "Reward points adjustment via Engage API"


The points value you send here is an adjustment to the contact's reward points total.

Field definitions

Field name

Data type

Example value



25.95 (Value can either be positive or negative)



Performed a review

Response codes

If the request has been successful, you'll get a HTTP 200 OK response. Otherwise you'll get one of these:

  • 404: ContactNotFound, BonusCheckNotFound

  • 409: BonusCheckAlreadyRedeemed, BonusCheckExpired