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API authentication

The API key provides you access to the Voyado Engage API. As with all keys, it needs to be handled carefully so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Authorization method

The authorization method apikey is used, as part of a HTTPS header.

User Agent

In order to track where an API call comes from, and which version the customer is using, the User-Agent request header must be used in all calls made to the Engage API. This provides valuable data to Voyado, improving service and allowing better support if problems occurs.

User-Agent is set as a HTTPS header in the API-call, stating the system and which version of the integration the customer has. For example, if the client Acme is using a POS called "Acme-POS" with version 1.5, the User-Agent value in the request should be something like "AcmePOS/1.5".


In all request made to the Engage API, it’s mandatory to use Content-Type: application/json. This needs to be sent in the HTTPS header in the API-call. If it’s not included, Engage will return a 500-error with the message “An error has occurred”.

cURL example

curl "{your-base-url}/api/v2/contacts/count" /
-H "User-Agent: AcmePOS/1.5" /
-H "apikey: {your-api-key}" /
-H "Content-Type: application/json"

This should return an integer value (the total number of contacts in the system).