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Centra is the headless e-commerce platform that empowers DTC brands to serve advanced e-commerce globally.


This section deep-dives in the capabilities available in the off-the-shelf integration with Voyado Engage, which is available in Centra.

Connecting your markets to Engage

When setting up the Engage plugin in your store configuration, you can choose to map the Markets in Centra to Stores in Engage. This will help you see from which market you customers were recruited and also the market where the sales were made.

By adding “{market}” to the External store ID field in the configuration, the extension will personalize and use the market name defined per each market as the store.externalId in Engage.



The name of the market should be renamed without any space characters.

Sync of contacts

In Centra you have some configuration options on how to sync your customers to Engage:

All (registered, non-registered customers)

Choosing this option will sync all the customers stored in Centra to the contact type Member in Engage.

Only registered

This option will only sync the customers created in Centra with the registered-flag set to true. Customers will be registered as Member in Engage.


All non-registered contacts will be created in Engage as a “Transactional contact” in order to send transactional emails.

Only with assigned Engage ID from front end

This option will only sync the customers created in Centra with a contactId from Engage.


All the customers without a contactId will be created in Engage as a “Transactional contact” in order to send transactional emails.

Transfer Newsletter subscribers to Engage

Toggling this to yes will sync all newsletter subscribers to the contact type Contact in Engage.


Sync of purchases and returns

Sales are only registered to the customers created as contact type Member in Engage.


A receipt of type purchase is sent to Voyado once the order is completed in Centra and ready to be shipped.


A receipt of type return is sent to Engage when a refund has been registered in Centra.


This is only applicable if refunds are registered in Centra. If not, then you’ll have to build an integration to the system that holds this information (e.g. ERP)

Transactional emails

Centra can trigger three different transactional emails “out of the box” through Engage. All the order and payment states below are configured in Engage and can be filtered in our marketing automation platform.

If a customer already exists in Engage, the transactional email will be triggered towards the already existing contact. If not then Centra will create a Transactional contact and trigger the email send-out.


Purchases and returns are not stored within the contact type Transactional contact.

Transactional emails that are triggered

  • Order confirmation

  • Order has been shipped

  • Order has been returned


Working with multichannel promotions

With some front-end development you will be able to assign personal promotions through Engage and connect this to a Voucher in Centra.

These steps need to be implemented in order to connect the dots:

  1. Front-end identifies and presents all available promotions on-site.

  2. When the customer chooses to apply a promotion to the purchase then the front-end needs to validate the price rule/voucher in Centra and apply the discount to the purchase.

  3. Once the purchase is completed then the front-end needs to send the promotionId in the purchase payload to Centra.

  4. Centra interprets the promotionId and redeems the promotion in Engage through the receipt sent once the order is shipped.


Centra will redeem the promotion from Engage if and only if the payment has been successful.

Technical documentation

Click here to download a pdf of the documentation for the Integration with Centra.