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Web activity tracking

This covers abandoned cart tracking and recovery, as well as product view tracking.


Web activity tracking, as described below, requires the SFCC native front-end. If you are a merchant using your own headless commerce solution, you'll have to implement this functionality yourself.


Tracking will only occur if the customer has consented to the “out of the box“ tracking consent requested in SFCC.


Assuming tracking is active and the customer has consented, the tracking script kicks in as soon as they enter the site and begins tracking cart updates and product views.

Configuration options

In the admin area, you first need to enable tracking.


Then fill in the tracking script path and the tenant ID of your Engage environment.


Abandoned cart

On every cart update, the following is sent via the tracking script:

  • Cart reference

  • Cart URL

  • Locale

  • SKU

  • Quantity

As soon as the customer is identified, either via an email link or a login, the integration connects the cart reference to the identified contact. When the checkout is completed, the cartridge sends an empty cart to Engage to prevent sending out an email when the products are already purchased.

Configuration option

You can enable and disable the abandoned cart functionality via the admin interface.


Product views

When a product is viewed, the following data for that product is sent to Engage:

  • SKU

  • Category name

  • Contact Id

As soon as the customer is identified, either via an email link or login, the integration will connect product view data to the identified contact.