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Voyado Engage

Introduction to promotions

Promotions, (or multi-channel offers) make it possible to assign a specific promotion or personal offer to a specific contact. They are multi-channel compliant, the availability and setup is configured separately for POS and ECOM.

Promotion codes in ECOM

This type of Voyado promotion is often misunderstood as a public rebate code, such as “summer19”, but should rather be considered as a price rule. However, if there is an offer engine dealing with that type of code mechanism, the ECOM channel definition for a Voyado promotion could be declared as such. It is fetched and applied in the background if the end user wishes to activate the promotion on this purchase.

Promotion value types

There are several types of promotions that can be configured in the same way, or differently, per channel. The checkout in POS or e-commerce should add one or several personal promotions to the purchase if the customer have them available, and wish to use them.

External promotion code

External promotion codes are considered as an ID to a specific price rule – rather than a personal offer in an external offer engine (such an ERP or e-commerce platform).


  1. When the user comes to the checkout stage, regardless of context (ECOM or physical POS), they should be presented with any available Voyado promotions.

  2. If the promotion is of the type “external promotion code”, and the user wishes to use it: - The checkout takes the ID fetched from the Voyado response

    - Search in an external system (most often price rules from ERP)

    - Apply the price rule from the external system.  E.g. 3 products of the same for the price of 2.

    - Apply the rebate on the receipt

  3. The checkout redeems the promotion after the payment has been successfully processed.

Example of an external code as value type:

   "type": "ECOM",
   "valueType": "EXTERNALOFFER",
   "value": "MAG1435",
   "instruction": "Ge 200 kr i rabatt på hela köpet"

Other supported value types

  • Monetary discount

  • Discount in percent

  • Manual instruction (only in-store POS)

For more information see Get promotions for contact.