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You can assign personal discounts through Voyado Engage, either manually by assigning a promotion to a certain segment, or automatically through a marketing automation platform, such as a Welcome Offer.


To connect an Engage promotion to SFCC, you need to make sure that the coupon codes match and that the Engage promotion type is set to “External promotion code, as described below.

  1. In SFCC, navigate to Merchant tools > Online marketing > Promotions.

  2. Select “New“ in the top right corner to create a promotion.

  3. Fill in the required input fields for your new promotion.

  4. Create a promotion in Engage with the option “Can be used online“. Set the type to “External promotion code“.

  5. Copy the coupon code from SFCC to the External Promotion Code field in the Engage promotion. Select "Save".

Read more about this in the detailed specification under "Personalized promotion setup".