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The sendToPhoneNumbers endpoint

The Engage API has the following endpoint:

POST /api/v2/sms/sendToPhoneNumbers

This allows the client to send out SMS messages via Engage (using it as a proxy) without any connection to a specific contact. Even if the mobile number used happens to exist for a contact in Engage, no link will be made to them.

This is a service that can be used as a workaround in case the sending out of SMS can't be solved using an automation. The payload used to send out SMS looks like this:

  "description": "Message to our members",
  "invoiceReference": "Week 3",
  "message": "We have exciting news for you...",
  "phoneNumbers": [
  "sender": "MyBrand"

The sender field can consist of the characters a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and "+". It can be 3-11 characters in length.


This method should only be used for transactional communication as it doesn't validate consents or accept flags for the receivers, and it doesn't record any statistics.

Any SMS sent in this way will show up on the client's SMS usage account as "Send to phone numbers" but no more details will be given.