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Shopify is a user-friendly e-commerce platform helping small and mid-sized businesses to quickly build a modern online store. It allows merchants to design, manage and sell their products across multiple sales channels. The Shopify POS app expands Shopify's capabilities by allowing merchants to sell almost anywhere, from brick and mortar stores to markets to pop-up shops.

Voyado Engage is a multichannel marketing automation platform used by hundreds of retailers. Engage enables merchants to act on their customer data, granting the insights and campaign tools they need to create extraordinary experiences across all sales and marketing channels.


This POS integration allows you to connect the Shopify POS app to Engage, giving you the power and flexibility of both platforms. You'll first install the standard Shopify POS mobile app from the iOS store (or Play store for android), and then the Voyado Engage app in your Shopify account.

With these two apps configured you are ready to access Engage features through the Shopify POS app on your handheld device, allowing you to supercharge the Shopify POS experience for your customers.

What the integration has to offer

The Engage app for Shopify offers a range of exciting functionality, including:

  • Keeping your customers (contacts) in sync between Engage and Shopify

  • Enabling several types of transactional communication sent out from Engage

  • Sending customer's orders to Engage to allow segmentation and BI insights

  • Using a tile in the Shopify POS app showing a customer's vouchers, promotions, points and member level

  • Assigning vouchers and promotions in Engage that can then be used in Shopify

  • Redeeming of promotions and vouchers through the Shopify-Engage connection

  • Migrating (importing) customers and their orders into Engage from the Shopify app


The POS integration between Engage and Shopify uses the same Shopify app, called "Voyado Engage", as the basic e-com integration. The POS integration just requires a few extra settings in that app (along with the mobile Shopify app). So when configuring the POS integration, you'll either be adding some extra configuration to an already functioning Voyado Engage app in Shopify, or configuring both the e-com integration and the POS integration at the same time. In either case, you'll need to consult the docs for the basic e-com integration before or during the POS integration. You'll find that here.

Find out more

The technical details of Engage can be found in the Engage developer documentation.

The developer docs for the Shopify POS app can be found here.