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Introduction to points and vouchers

The Rewards module in Voyado Engage gives the functionality to grant points and convert them to vouchers.


Previously, reward points were known as bonus points and vouchers as bonus checks. These terms still turn up in the API.


In Engage, contacts can earn points for purchases, or for other events such as their birthday or the first time they sign up. A rewards model must be configured separately in your Engage installation. Contact your Voyado team about this.

All points gained by a contact can be seen on their contact card under the tab "Reward points".

They can also be accessed with the following endpoint:

GET /api/v2/contacts/{contactId}/bonuspointtransactions

This returns all point changes in this format:

    "count": 1,
    "offset": 0,
    "items": [
            "amount": 250.0000,
            "transactionDateTime": "2022-01-11T15:17:00+01:00",
            "description": "Welcome points",
            "type": "FromAutomation",
            "id": "398ddd67-d230-48e8-f175-046ce8ff6666",
            "automationBonusAdjustmentReason": "From automation"
    "totalCount": 1


In the API and FTP folders, the term bonus is still used instead of reward.


Vouchers are part of the Promotions module. Administrators can create vouchers based on the client configuration. If a contact fulfills the requirements then one or several vouchers will be made available for the contact to use.