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What's new?

Below you'll see the newest additions to this documentation and when they were added.


Onsite messaging: Integration information for onsite messaging.

Lipscore: Documentation for the Engage value-add integration with Lipscore.


Delta sharing: How this is used in Engage.

Double opt-in: What it is and how to work with it.

Group currency: An introduction to group currency.


Sending email as specific store


Adding a store: A guide to adding a new store in Engage.

Refreshed the structure of the main menu.


BigCommerce: Documentation for the Engage integration with BigCommerce.


Webhooks: Using webhooks to keep contact preferences in sync.

Adobe Commerce (Magento 2): New section on web activity tracking.

Product feed: An overview of product feeds.


Shopify POS: New documentation for the Shopify POS integration.

Shopify: New section on configuring stores in the Shopify app for Engage.

Custom triggers: Configure your own custom triggers in the Config Hub.


Challenges (BETA): The evolution of stamp cards, challenges are a new way to engage customers.

Interactions: Trigger automations in Engage in endless ways using Interactions.

The "lang" attribute: New custom contact attribute for the contact's preferred language.