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API connections

The Engage configuration area allows you to set up API keys in a more flexible way than before. Now API keys can be easily created without linking them to specific users, as well as refreshed or deleted when needed.

This is done in the API connections section of the Engage configuration area.


Voyado strongly recommends that you always have an individual unique API key for every integration / system you will use to communicate with Engage. This simplifies troubleshooting and reduces the problems and time needed when an API key is changed or needs to be shut down / terminated.

Finding the Engage configuration area


You'll need to have configurator permissions for your Engage account to access the configuration area. To get these permissions, contact your Voyado team.

In the Engage front-end, navigate to Administration and then select Configure Engage:


This will take you from Engage to the configuration area.

The API Connections page

Select API Connections from the menu. This takes you to a list of the currently active API connections for your tenant, and shows you what type they are and what are intended to be used for.


Adding a connection

Selecting "Add connection" will bring up this panel.


Name: Either select an existing name from the dropdown, or choose the "Other" option if you want to add a new name (in which case the "Other name" field will appear). Since these API keys will usually be connected to a specific integration, it's good to include the integration's name, as a reminder.


There is no validation of names, and several connections can share the same one.

Other name: If you've chosen "Other" as name, this field appears. Enter the name you want here.

Type: Select an existing type from the dropdown, or choose the "Other" option if you want to add a new one, which causes the "Other type" field to appear.

Other name: If you've chosen "Other" in the previous dropdown, enter your value for type here.

API allowlist: Here you can enter, as a comma separated list, all the IP addresses that are allowed to make calls using this API key. If this field is left empty, then all IP addresses are allowed.

Editing a connection

Clicking the "meatball menu" to the right of each entry brings up this menu:


From here you can edit the entry, re-generate its API key or delete it.

Choosing "Edit connection" brings up this panel:


Here you can change any of the values you entered when you created the connection.