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Getting started with SMS

This is how to get started sending SMS to your customers from Engage.

  1. In the Engage UI, go to Administartion/Configure Engage and then Contact attributes.

  2. Edit the standard attribute "Mobile phone" to make it active and visible on the contact card.

  3. Decide the sender name for your SMS (this is the name shown in the SMS inbox).

  4. Decide on the opt-out method.

    • A stop word, allowing the customer to send a certain word to a certain number to unsubscribe. For this, contact your Voyado specialist or account manager.

    • The default, which is standard Voyado opt out link. In this case, do nothing.

  5. Decide where the customer can enter their mobile number:

    • In My Pages.

    • At the POS terminal.

    • Opting in by sending a certain word to a number (for example, "Voyado in" sent to 123 123). Contact your Voyado specialist or account manager to arrange this.

  6. In your integration, be sure to always include the mobilePhone attribute in the create contact JSON payload. This makes sure your contacts is always reachable by SMS.

  7. Also include the preferences object in the create contact JSON payload, with acceptsSms set to "true" when the customer opts into SMS communication. This is required for them to receive SMS.

      "firstName": "Example",
      "email": "",
      "countryCode": "SE",
      "birthDay": "1966-06-26",
      "contactType": "ExampleContactType",
      "preferences": {
        "acceptsEmail": true,
        "acceptsPostal": true,
        "acceptsSms": true
      "consents": [{
          "id": "memberConsent",
          "value": true,
          "date": "2022-01-01T00:00:00+0100",
          "source": "ECOM",
          "comment": "Approved member terms at checkout"
  8. Now create an SMS. Here you can see how that's done.

  9. Send a test SMS to your phone. Opt out through the method you selected in step 4. Now verify that the acceptsSms attribute goes from "true" to "false" on the contact card.

Here's another payload example for creating a contact including mobile number and consent:

  “firstName”: “John”,
  “lastName”: “Doe”,
  “email”: “”,
  “mobilePhone”: “+46700111222”,
  “preferences”: {
    “acceptsEmail”: true,
    “acceptsSms”: true

And here's an example of the payload sent to do a contact update:

  “mobilePhone”: “+46700111222”,
  “preferences”: {
    “acceptsSms”: true