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Reactivate a voucher

A used voucher can be reactivated and have its status changed from redeemed back to available.

To reactivate a voucher (which is connected to a specific contact) you use this endpoint:

POST api/v2/promotions/reward-vouchers/{id}/reactivate

Where id is the reward voucher's unique ID.

Response codes

If the reactivation has worked, you'll get a HTTP 200 OK response. Otherwise, one of these:

  • 400: InvalidBonusCheckId

  • 404: BonusCheckNotFound

  • 406: RewardVoucherAlreadyActivated, BonusCheckExpired, ReactivationLimitExceeded

In the voucher configuration in Engage you can specify how many times a voucher can be reactivated. 3 times is the default. It you try to reactivate the voucher more times than that, you will get the 406 error above.


Reactivating a voucher does not change any of its data, such as the value, the expiry date and so on. These will remain as they were when the voucher was created.