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Challenges is currently in closed beta and any part could change before the full release. Contact your account manager at Voyado if you want to try it out.

A challenge defines a path towards a goal and motivates the customer to reach it. The path consists of a number of checkpoints and awards can either be given when the end goal has been reached and the challenge is completed, or at certain checkpoints along on the way. Challenges allows the retailer to drive engagement, rewarding desired actions and behaviors and making customers feel more involved.

The more basic concept of a stamp card is included in challenges, but challenges can be used for so much more. The use cases are basically endless. A customer can also have more than one challenge running at the same time, increasing engagement. Here’s a few examples of what you can do with Engage challenges:

  • Ask customers to submit five product reviews, each review counting as one checkpoint

  • Help customers gear up for their hike, setting checkpoints for different outdoor products

  • Encourage customers to shop in your physical store, then make a purchase online, then "like" your Instagram page, and finally subscribe to your newsletter, each action being a checkpoint.

  • Activate a sustainability-themed challenge focused on refreshing, repairing, and recycling products, or reward customers for bringing their own bag for in-store purchases.

The following section will detail the API endpoints used in Challenges. For more help and guides, you can visit this page in Engage's Help Center.