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Centric Omnichannel Retail Suite

With Centric's Omnichannel Retail Suite, retailers can offer consumers a seamless experience across all sales channels.

The Suite offers:

  • Seamless ecosystem integration, allowing online and offline channels to be easily integrated with the back-end

  • Smoother service and checkout, giving access to all product and stock information

  • Increased customer loyalty with centrally managed promotions to support your marketing campaigns

The Voyado Engage integration with Centric adds Engage's powerful loyalty features.

Multimarket support

Centric's Omnichannel Business Platform (OBP) can hold separate loyalty programs for a client where they have one program for each country. Each Loyalty program can be connected to a specific Engage instance by specifying, in OBP, which Engage tenant should be connected to which loyalty program.

It is also possible to connect all loyalty programs to just one tenant in Engage. This can be done if the logic of your reward program is the same in all markets.

Loyalty account ID

Each loyalty program holds a loyalty account ID which needs to be defined during the project.


New customer

Contacts are created real-time in Engage through inPosition where you can choose between three parameters :

  • Mobile phone

  • SSN (More correctly, the Swedish Personal Identity Number)

  • Email

Contact registrations from other sources than POS are first created in Engage and then exported via file into OBP. The key value of the integration is CustomerID (OBP) connected to externalId (Engage) which is set by Engage.

Third party lookup

If you are connected to Dunn and Bradstreet's services (formerly Bisnode) then an address lookup will be done when a customer is created by their SSN or mobile phone number, which allows you to fetch personal information about that customer.

A new dialog will appear with the customer information already filled out and allows staff to do a face to face validation of the customer information provided and edit it if incorrect.

Customer updates

All customer changes in Engage will be exported to OBP by a XML file export.

Search customer

Since the search of a customer is initially made to OBP and not Engage, inPosition allows you to search for a customer using several parameters (firstname, email, address etc).

If the customer is not to be found in OBP then it does a lookup to Engage. If they exist in Engage, the customer is saved in the OBP registry and if not, the customer is created in both platforms.


Only one parameter (email) is used when doing the lookup towards Engage.


Purchases and returns are sent from OBP in file-based format every 5 minutes. The entity in OBP is called POSLog.

Multichannel promotions (Activation voucher template)


A promotion template in Engage is linked to a Coupon Template in OBP. In OBP there are three layers in a promotion:

  • Promo pack: This is the basis of the Coupon template and is where you determine what rules to apply to the promotion in OBP.

  • Coupon template: This is what Engage will refer to when retailers create their promotion.

  • Customer coupons: By assigning a Promotion/Coupon template in Engage, customer coupons will be generated in OBP.

Monetary and percentage discounts

OBP needs to have 2 different promo pack templates set on their end. They need to create a template with an ActivationVoucherID = 100 which is connected to a percentage discount and an ActivationVoucherID = 200 which is connected to a monetary discount.

Engage controls the value of that discount and will override the value in OBP.


If the template in OBP has a 0% discount and in Engage you set it to 20% then Engage will override the 0%, giving a 20% discount.

Other various discounts

In OBP you are able to create more advanced discounts, such as 20% off a certain product or article group. These discounts can also be referred to with a multichannel promotion of type EXTERNALOFFER in Engage by setting the external code to be the same as the ActivationVoucherID in OBP.


Once you have assigned the promotions in Engage, they will be exported by file to OBP and enabled in the POS.


Promotions are redeemed through the POSLog (Receipts) and these are sent to Engage every 5 minutes.

Reward vouchers

Assignment of vouchers

Engage is master of generating the reward vouchers which are connected to e-vouchers in OBP. When vouchers are generated in Engage, they are exported file-based and created in OBP.

Redemption of vouchers

Vouchers are not redeemed in real-time, but through the POSLog (Receipts) that are imported into Engage (every 5 minutes).