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Back in stock


Back-in-stock is currently in BETA and Voyado is actively seeking user feedback to improve its performance and functionality. We appreciate your support in this process. As a beta feature, it may undergo frequent updates and enhancements. We encourage you to check for updates regularly to take advantage of the latest improvements. While we have conducted rigorous testing, beta features could contain issues, bugs, or glitches. Be prepared for occasional disruptions, and report any issues to help us at Voyado to refine the feature.

New back-in-stock beta functionality has been added. The following prerequisities exist:

  • You must have at least one product feed connected to your Engage environment.

  • You must have the back-in-stock module enabled in your Engage environment.

  • You must have a back-in-stock email template available in your Engage environment.

App toggle

To enable Shopify to sync inventory levels with Engage, and thus allow back-in-stock functionality to work, the toggle shown below needs to be enabled in the Voyado Engage app settings.

Just enable it (or disable it) and it will be automatically saved.



The inventory sync only exports product inventory from Shopify locations that “Fulfills online orders“. If a location does not have this setting checked, then the inventory updates for that location will not be synced to Engage.

Theme block

In the template editor in Shopify, you have access to a theme block that can be added to your product templates. Select "Add block" and look for "Back in stock" under the "Apps" tab.

When it's added, it will look like in the image below:


The texts in the back-in.stock block can be edited as usual.

Product settings

For the back-in-stock subscription form to be shown on a product page in a Shopify store, these criteria must be filled:

  • Product quantity must be tracked. This setting is found on the product page in Shopify Admin (“Track quantity”).

  • A product should NOT have the setting “Continue selling when out of stock“ checked.

In Engage

Once back-in-stock notifications are being sent from Shopify, Engage can act on them.

This usually consists of setting up an automation using the "Back in stock" automation trigger and using this to send an email or SMS to inform the customer that the item they have subscribed to is now back in stock. You can find full details of this in this article.