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Release notes

These are the release notes for the Voyado Engage app for Shopify.


Task monitoring overview page and config panel added.


New sections in the setup and configuration page:

  • Headless API keys

  • Synchronize marketing preferences

  • Synchronize marketing preference changes from Shopify orders


Headless loyalty API for displaying loyalty information without the Shopify front-end (link).


Shopify POS integration moved out of beta.

New UI released for the Voyado Engage app.


Shopify POS integration released. Full documentation here.


Transactional state PARTIALLY_FULFILLED added (link).

Abandoned browse works out-of-the-box. Currently in BETA.


Receipt number in Engage is now connected to from Shopify instead of order.number.

  • Note 1: This will not affect already imported orders. Merchants with already imported orders should use the search term “Contains” when segmenting in Engage on specific order number or receipt numbers.

  • Note 2: Some merchants may not be affected by this at all since order number and order name can be the same in Shopify. The main change then is a suffix added to the number. Example: "12345" becomes "12345VOY".

A cancelled order no longer triggers a refund email.


Added migration of orders for customers who were imported to Engage outside of the Shopify app (for example, through a CSV file import in Engage). (link)

The "Accepts email" flag / consent in Engage is now updated correctly when completing checkout in Shopify. (link)

The validation mismatch on orders within the app has now been resolved. Previously, order totals did not match those in Shopify and were therefore not imported.

Better error handling of error message 409 - ContactWithKeyIsBeingCreated.

When syncing orders, any zero-discount entries will now not be sent to Engage.


Products of interest now sent to Engage (link)

Migration of customers and orders added (link)


Assigning vouchers and promotions in Engage for use in Shopify (link)


Triggering of abandoned cart actions in Engage (link)


Sync of contacts between Engage and Shopify (link)

Transactional communication sent out from Engage (link)

Orders (receipts), both purchase and return, sent to Engage (link)

App theme block in Shopify showing customer's available vouchers and promotions (link)

Redeeming of promotions (link)

Redeeming of vouchers (link)

Soft identification (also called soft ID) (link)