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Front Systems

Front Systems' cloud based platform digitalizes retail, unifies commerce and connects “best of breed”-applications to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience. Its mobile Point Of Sale gives retailers a competitive advantage by turning brick-and-mortar stores into digital warehouses enabling the convenience and experiences todays shoppers demand


Here is what you'll need to start this integration:

  • An active Voyado Engage license

  • An Engage API key

  • An active license for the Front Systems POS.


Here's what the integration between Engage and Front Systems can offer.


Turn your customer into an Engage contact in-store using a single data point (a mobile phone number) to start them on their journey on the Engage marketing automation platform. Once registration is completed, you can send the customer an SMS with a link to a registration form.

This enables them to complete their registration, providing more customer information but also allowing them to agree to the consents needed to join your loyalty program.


Once you have registered or identified a known customer in-store, this integration will send all future purchases and returns to Engage, enabling you to be more targeted in all your communication from Engage to this customer.

Multichannel promotions

By referring to a specific price list in Front Systems when you create a multichannel promotion in Engage, you can assign personal discounts to contacts which will then be presented and enabled in the POS.

In order to achieve this, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Create the discount and its price logic in Front Systems.

  2. Go to Engage, create your multichannel promotion and do this:

    • Set the validity time period

    • Tick the box Can be used in store

    • Configure the promotion to use an External promotion code

    • Enter the unique price list ID that was generated in Front Systems

  3. Assign the promotion to your customer segment and you are done!

Product recommendations in-store

You are required to have the Product recommendation module active in Engage. When this is done, Front Systems can get the product recommendations of the identified customer and present them in the POS. This allows your store staff to upsell recommended products.