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Identification in checkout by email

This features enables identification of customers by their email at the checkout in Shopify. A cookie will be set in the browser to improve identification for functions such as abandoned cart and browsing behavior tracking.

If the customer's email cannot be found in Engage, it is assumed they are new and a contact is then created for them in Engage. The contact is given the source "Shopify checkout". If needed, this can then be used to identify these contacts in an Engage automation, such as in a “New contact registered” flow, and send them a welcome email, for example.



All contacts created through the checkout have acceptsEmail set to "false". The event sent from the checkout to the app and then on to Engage to create the contact, does not reveal email marketing preferences. If the customer completes the checkout process, their email marketing preferences will then be updated in Engage.

See here for how to configure this feature in the Engage app for Shopify.