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Integration log

All file-based integrations create an entry in the integration log.

Finding the integration log

You’ll find the integration log in the Administration menu.


Here you can see a list of all integration jobs, failed as well as succeeded.


In the Status dropdown, you can filter the logs by status (Warning, Failures, Completed).

In the Log types dropdown, you can filter for type of entry (BI export, Merge contacts, and so on).

In the From date and To date selectors, you can filter log entries by date.

Select "Update the list" after changing your filters to refresh the results.

Email error notification

It is possible to configure Engage to send out an email whenever an error is logged in the integration log. This allows problems to be flagged as soon as they happen and issues with file integrations to be quickly identified.

As an Engage user, you can specify one or several email addresses to receive these error messages. An email will be sent to this address for every integration log entry made with status Failures. Ask you Engage team to set this up for you.

Any filtering of these emails (for example, forwarding specific mails to specific users based on keywords) will need to be done in your own mail system. Using a group email might therefore be a good idea, to avoid having important error information going to a single person who might be out of office or who has ended their employment.


Ask your Voyado team to set up email notifications for integration log errors.