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Gamifiera offers a range of innovative tools, including reviews, UGC creation tools, gamification and 3D avatars, to help cultivate a vibrant community of brand advocates, all in one place.


Enriched data from Voyado Engage, such as reward points, member level and the points needed to reach the next level, can be displayed in Gamifiera's online module. You can also send data to Engage whenever an achievement has been completed in Gamifiera to create points there.

The features offered by the Gamifiera-Engage integration include:

  • Ratings and Reviews functionality

  • Easily integrated community functions

  • Collection of personal attributes

  • Gamification of customer behavior


This integration helps you to understand your loyal customers' interests and get to know them better. This information can then be used to create segmentations in Engage, using its advanced tools, to allow you to build more relevant and valuable customer experiences.

You can download the full PDF presentation of the integration at this link.