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Inretrn (formerly known as Easycom) is a leading cloud-native SaaS platform that helps global retailers to automate the whole process of item returns. They help e-commerce vendors and logistic providers to both reduce the number of returns and make returns management more efficient, with increased profitability and sustainability in focus.


This integration with Inretrn adds Voyado Engage's powerful automation and segmentation abilities, allowing retailers to close the loop and interact with the customer during the whole transaction lifecycle, from purchase to return.

Once integrated with Engage, Inretrn can trigger different return flows, enrich customer profiles and send return transactions (receipts). It's up to the Inretrn user to decide which Engage flows they want to use.

  • Interact and communicate with your customers throughout the entire returns journey

  • Use the powerful customer profitability insight segmentation to build unique and tailored campaigns

  • Add new events and triggers connected to the returns process

  • Customize messaging with new information based on returned products, exchanges and reason codes for returns

  • Enrich your CDP with profitability insights on the individual customer level

  • Reward customers with re-conversion vouchers generated in Inretrn and enable them in Engage