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Vipps Benefits Configuration

To configure Engage for Vipps Benefits, follow these steps:

  1. Set up a custom trigger in Engage named "vippsExistingCustomer"

  2. Set up a store with an externalId value of "Vipps":

  3. Create a contact type named "Vipps" with mobilePhone as mandatory key. No other data points are needed.

  4. Add one consent with the name "vippsFordeler" and another named "vipps"

  5. Add "Vipps Fordeler" as a source in the Engage back-end (your Voyado team will need to do this for you):

  6. Create an automation using the "vippsExistingCustomer" trigger you added above.


Reach out to Team Integrations at Voyado if you require help with the setup.