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Vipps Benefits flow

The Vipps Benefits app allows customers to:

  • Become a member of each loyalty club directly in the app

  • See their available promotions and vouchers for all their different loyalty clubs

  • Create their account directly in the app

Here's how a customer adds a new loyalty club in the app:


This is how the different loyalty clubs are presented:


Data flow if the contact already exists

If the contact already exists in Engage, loyalty data is fetched from Engage to the Vipps app like this:


The full contact data is fetched from Engage with:

GET api/v2/contacts/{contactId}

The contact's promotions are fetched using:

GET /api/v2/contacts/{contactId}/promotions

And the available vouchers (bonus checks) are fetched with:

GET /api/v2/contacts/{contactId}/bonuschecks/available

Data flow when creating a new contact

If the customer in the Vipps app does not exist in Engage, they will be created there.

The creation flow looks like this:


CIBA = Client Initiated Backchannel Authentication

The onboarding automation flow

The automation in Engage (triggered by a middle layer using an iPaas) is built up like this:

  1. Create an automation with the trigger "Vipps CIBA from Vipps Benefits".

  2. Press the "+" button to add an Activity called "Vipps CIBA".

  3. This automation will be triggered by a middle layer when a customer is created from Vipps Benefits.