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Using the integration

Here are some examples of using the Inretrn-Engage integration:

Return confirmation

When a customer makes a return they will receive a confirmation email. This is what that looks like:


Segmenting using Inretrn KPIs

Using the Engage segmentation tool, you can filter your contacts using any of the KPIs from Inretrn.

Here the Easycom Level is used, along with a few other Engage values:


These target audiences can be used in to filter in Engage reports:


The data received from return transactions can be used in the Engage automation tool:


And data from Inretrn can be used to filter on the module-level in the Engage email-design tool:


Optimizing your campaigns

Engage enables you to use your profitability insights to build sharper customer segmentation and optimize your campaigns. For example, when sending out offers, you could:

  • Send valuable offers to your most profitable customers

  • Send standard offers to mid segment of customers

  • Send no offers to non-profitable customers