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Vipps is a mobile payment solution to which customers connect their payment card and use it to pay merchants both offline and online. Vipps allows users to easily identify themselves through the app, and can onboard them through verified personal data. It also permits users to transfer money to other Vipps users.


This integration between Voyado Engage and Vipps consists of the Vipps “Log-in” product and the "Benefits (fordeler)" product.

Log-in provides an easy way to identify, register and onboard a customer in physical stores, through the Vipps app on their phone.

Benefits is a channel for retailers to engage with customers. It primarily acts as a way to display loyalty data from Engage in the Vipps app but also as a way to onboard new customers and allow them to sign up for each of their chosen loyalty clubs.

Integration overview




Vipps CIBA + Vipps Benefits


Onboarding + Benefits

Integration type


Hosted by

Voyado (Login and CIBA) and Vipps (Benefits/Fordeler)


Installed and configured by the customer


Active Vipps license

Active Voyado Engage and/or Omni/Loyalty license