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Identification of contacts in a store environment can be a hassle. It takes time to spell out a name, mobile number or email address, and mistakes are easily made. The scanning of driver licenses, another common way especially outside the nordics, is slow and accident-prone. All of this represents lost time and potential for Voyado's clients. One solution to this is Loyyo.


What is Loyyo?

A middleware solution, Loyyo links partners in payments, loyalty, POS, e-commerce and other value-added services. They turn every non-cash payment into loyalty transactions, member identification and valuable insights. And Loyyo's unique NFC passes for Apple and Google make them a great addition to a loyalty program.

Loyyo creates a tailored API per partner, making sure that all their partners can interconnect. This way, a payment partner can easily connect to any loyalty partner, while loyalty or POS partners are not forced to connect to several payment partners or methods. Loyyo also offers their SaaS product as a white label allowing partners to use it for their own clients.

What does a Loyyo integration offer Engage clients?

The integration allows existing Engage clients to streamline their sign-up and identification. Loyyo allows one-step sign-up of loyalty members and, after that, instant identification using just their mobile phone. A contact will automatically earn points and their full profile can be fetched from Engage and displayed on the POS, including all promotions and offers available.