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Brands are increasingly collecting feedback on their products and customer's in-store experiences. Lipscore is a Nordic leader in this space. With this easy-to-implement back-end integration, Lipscore reviews and ratings can be instantly incorporated into Voyado Engage.

In Engage, this data can be used for the segmentation of customers based on their reviews, ratings, and other relevant data, enabling targeted communication to customers.

Below you'll see some of the functionality supported by the integration.

Syncing transaction and product data

Lipscore fetches contact and product data as well as transactions and their line items using Engage's Delta Share service. This data is then processed in Lipscore to determine which contact should be send an email to and also which product to include in an email when prompting a customer to review the products they've bought.

Triggering product review email

As a merchant you can choose to trigger product review email either through Lipscore or through Engage. If emails are to be sent through Engage, you'll need to set up a custom trigger that Lipscore can use.

The custom trigger request contains HTML-code (reviewHTML), generated by Lipscore which must be personalized and rendered in the email template in Engage.

Below are examples of the different emails that might be sent:

Delivery confirmation email


Product review email


Service review email


Setting up delta share access

This integration requires delta sharing to be correctly set up for you. This is done in the Engage back end. Contact your Voyado team about this.