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How it works

This integration between Loyyo and Engage allows you to:

  • Create digital wallets using a contact's personalized data from Engage

  • Identify contacts in-store through Loyyo by NFC or QR code

  • Automatically connect a contact to their purchases and award points

  • Retrieve a contact's profile instantly in-store

The integration is hosted by Loyyo and installed and configured by the client.


For this integration to work, three things are needed:

  • An active Loyyo licence

  • An active Voyado Engage or Omni/Loyalty licence

  • An NFC or QR/Barcode reader in the POS

The process

The process looks like this:

1) Signing up

The contact gives their phone number or email address. Through this, they are found in Engage and coupled to a unique payment token. A text message or email with an invitation is sent from Engage, allowing them to finalize their account and become a loyalty member.

2) Creating a digital wallet

The contact now receives an email or SMS inviting them to create a digital wallet pass. Their first name or other peronalized details from Engage can be added to the communication to make them feel like a part of the loyalty club.

An SMS might look like this:


And an email might look like this:


Once the contact choses to create their digital pass, it will be added to their Apple or Google wallet.

You, the Engage client, can decide on the appearence of this digital wallet pass, choosing suitable fonts, logos and colors. There are several easy-to-use templates available in the existing email-modules in Engage.

3) Identifying a contact

Now the contact can identify themselves in-store by using their digital wallet pass on the physical NFC reader, or by using the Loyyo app, which is available for both Android and iOS.


As a fallback, a digital wallet pass can also have a QR code than can be displayed and scanned.

Once identified, contacts will automatically earn points at checkout. Their full profile with loyalty information can be fetched and shown on the POS. The POS can also acccess their data and offers in Voyado Engage.