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Cow Hills Retail is a Dutch company providing omnichannel point-of-sale software for retailers. They are fully cloud-based and their POS can run on all kinds of hardware, including iOS and android, allowing staff to, for example, walk around the store and process purchases on the spot.


CowHills have access to loyalty and promotion functions through their promotions engine, Treazure. But using a standard POS integration with Voyado Engage they can leverage Engage's automation capabilities and more.


This is a point-follower integration. Treazure is the arbitrator of points and Engage sends point updates.

This integration between CowHills and Engage covers the following areas:

  • Identifying a contact

  • Registering a contact

  • Updating a contact

  • Sending transactions (receipts) to Engage

  • Assigning personal promotions

  • Applying promotions to purchases

  • Enabling Engage to act as point follower