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Voyado Engage


An activity is a separate entity for non purchase related events for a contact. The entity itself is agnostic and can be used for any type of data. 

It can be used for segmentation and also automate on the data and Its meta data on contacts in marketing campaigns. It will not provide a visual overview over events, nor can these events be added or edited within Voyado Engage. 

Example of use-cases in Voyado Engage:

  • Competitions

  • Events - bookings and participation

  • Subscriptions

Naming the files

Files sent to the FTP server should follow this naming convention:[Timestamp]_[sequence number OR store id] activities.xml

  • [Timestamp] should be formatted as: YYYYMMDDHHmmss

  • the sequence or store id is only necessary if several applications might send XML files at the exact same time

FTP location

[base ftp-url]/integration/activityImport

How it works

The fundamentals of an activity is that a contact has performed, or has been touched, by any Event, one or several throughout time. 

It’s not possible to edit an activity in the Voyado Engage user interface but the activities can be updated (id and key must match) if sent to Engage again.

Voyado Engage capabilities


It's possible to rename the “Activities” section and the datafields/column headings to match your specific usage.

Search providers

It is possible to search for:

  • Contacts that have performed a number of Activities during a specific time

  • Contacts that have performed one or more specific activities with specific conditions on all the data that is configured around the activity, such as name, category etc.

Data model

Minimum amount of data

The mandatory information for a specific activity is:

  • Reference to a contact in Voyado Engage

  • A date and time when the event occurred.

  • A name of the event

  • An id of the event (unique for all activities)

Extra data fields

In addition to the mandatory fields there are 10 additional (spare) fields that can be used for additional meta data. These fields are configurable string fields that can be used for segmentation with string matching or as choosable options in drop down (exactly like the transaction spare fields). 

There are also 5 datetime fields open to use additional to the 10 strings above. This opens up for date-related questions to segment on, such as: days before/after, between etc.



Activities Is not accessible via API as yet.

File based

Activities are imported to Voyado Engage via XML format on FTP. It is not possible to export activities.

XML-format example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<activities contactKeyType="externalId" contactType="member">
		<name>2016-06-02, Competition X</name>

		<!-- Custom Fields -->
		<spare4>Competition location</spare4>
		<spare5>Type of competition</spare5>