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Voyado Engage

Bulk read changes API

You can get an array of contact IDs of all contacts that have been changed (created, updated or deleted) within a specified time window using this endpoint:

GET /api/v2/contacts/changes


This endpoint takes three parameters:



Example value



Created, Updated, Deleted



The start date and time of the search window.



The end date and time of the search window.

Items marked with * are mandatory.

If toDate is left out of the query, the current date and time will be used.

For example, assuming the date and time now is "2023-05-04 11:20:00.000" and you want the IDs of all contacts created over the last 15 minutes, the request would then be:

GET /api/v2/contacts/changes?changeType=Created&fromDate=2023-05-04%2011%3A05%3A00.000


The response will look like this:


Or, if there are no contacts matching your search, an empty array:


The number of contactIds that can be returned in the response is currently capped at 250 000. If your query creates a response that exceeds this limit, it will instead return a Bad Request status code.


If you need access to this endpoint, talk to your Voyado team. They will need to activate it for you.