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Voyado Engage

Import historical contacts

If you want to import historical contact (customer) data from other platforms, there are three ways of doing it, depending on your preferred format and the number of contacts you want to import.


You can migrate your customer data with our user-friendly manual import in Voyado Engage by following this guide here

An example .csv file for a contacts migration can be downloaded here.

An example Excel file for a contacts migration can be downloaded here.









Examplegatan 123


This is a more automated process where you export your XML files and place them onto the Engage FTP server, from where they are imported through a scheduled job. For more information, read the article here.


Depending on the load, it is possible to migrate customers through the Engage API. This would require you to throttle your requests towards Voyado. Please consult with a Voyado specialist before using this approach.