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Setting up the custom trigger

You'll need to create a custom automation trigger to use the Lipscore integration with Engage. This trigger can be set up in the Engage configuration area. Once you have access to the configuration area, follow the steps below.

  1. Select “Create custom trigger“.

  2. Enter Name, TriggerId and Description for your custom trigger.

    • Name: A human readable name, show in the Engage UI

    • TriggerId: The unique ID for this custom trigger

    • Description: A summary of what the trigger is used for



    It's important that TriggerId and Name here are correct.

  3. Select "Next".

  4. Now you will add the fields that Lipscore will send in the payload request.

    • Select “Add field“

    • Enter "reviewHTML" as Name

    • Enter "HTML table of products" as Description

    • Hit "Save"

  5. Your custom trigger should now show up on the list of triggers available when you create a new automation in Engage.