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This endpoint is only available in the Engage v3 API.

An NPS score can be added for a contact with the following v3 endpoint:

POST /api/v3/contacts/{contactId}/createNpsResponse

contactId: Mandatory. The contact's GUID (added in the path as above).

grade: Mandatory. The actual NPS value for this contact, from 1 - 10.

storeId: Optional. With this you can save multiple NPS scores for a contact.

An example request (without the optional storeId) would then be:

POST /api/v3/contacts/2e40b702-2767-4abe-ae99-aa510108e22b/createNpsResponse?grade=5


The possible responses from this request are:

200 OK: The POST was successful and the NPS value was saved for the contact.

400 InvalidGrade: The grade value was missing or not in the allowed range.

404 ContactNotFound: No contact was found with the given contactId.