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Supporting functions

Here are some other features in Engage connected to orders.

Integration log

Generally, errors are raised and returned via the API endpoints synchronously when the data format is incorrect. Format validation errors may be retrieved via the /api/v3/orders/jobs endpoint.

Errors may also be detected when the order data is validated and processed. These errors are reported to the integration log under the type “Orders”. Below is a list of the most important errors to look out for:


Error message

Error reason

Proposed action


Contact is missing

No contact is found when using the supplied contact data identifiers.

Correct the identifiers or register the contact first and then send in order again.


Article is missing

The article SKU registered on order is missing from the Article register.

Register the article SKU and then send in the order again.


Store is missing

The store number registered on order is missing in the Store register.

Add the missing store in Engage.

GDPR support

Since Engage stores contact's order data, we at Voyado have made sure that the solution is GDPR compliant, both regarding the extracting of contact data and the right for them to be forgotten.

The existing function “Personal data extract” is extended to also export any stored order data related to the contact. The existing functions to delete a contact on demand or because of inactivity also delete any order data related to them.